Harvest Moon Cast

Harvest Moon Cast

He is predicated on Barley/Mugi from Friends of Mineral Town. Karen Forestgaze, a waitress at the Mineral Town bar, who intends to eventually move to the large metropolis and become a dancer. She is fond of alcohol, and is also properly-recognized by the men of the town for her attractiveness. She has a very bad temper, but ultimately turns into good pals with Pete, and is sympathetic due to her harsh childhood. She is predicated relies on Karen from Harvest Moon 64 and Friends of Mineral Town.

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Mr. Riverheart, Pete’s father, who allows him to restore the farm. He loves his son, but is bitter over the death of his spouse three years prior, and has difficulty expressing happiness. At the top of Spring, Pete’s father arrives to judge the farm. Since a considerable amount of the hurricane injury still stays, he tells Pete that the farm remains to be unsuitable, and that he will have to return to town and allow the land developers to buy the property.

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While this movie appears a tad paying homage to “Growing the Big One,” I bet this forged will hit it out of the park. Patricia Issac is essaying the position of Brooke in this Hallmark TV movie. Her character stands out as she is a conceited and condescending societal woman. You aren’t allowed to view this material at this time.

Peter “Pete” Riverheart, the main character of the film. Having spent a Summer on Farmer Jack’s farm as a young boy, he is determined to revive the farm to stop it from being bought by greedy land builders. He is predicated on Pete from the Harvest Moon series of video games. When her household goes bankrupt, privileged metropolis woman Jen Stone travels to the nation to try to help a struggling pumpkin farm that her father bought as an investment to get her a reimbursement. Not everyone seems to be on board with her changes, least of all Brett, the farms handsome supervisor. By working with what she knows greatest, she simply might be able to flip the farm around, while also falling in love.

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Van, a man from one other village who runs a store at the inn each Wednesday. The con man, who usually exhibits up to Mineral Town to sell faulty products to the villagers. He ultimately reforms after Maria offers him a pendent as a gift, and tells him that she will pray from him. He is predicated on the con man from Harvest Moon sixty four and Friends of Mineral Town.

Over the following Spring, Elli assists Pete in taking care of the farm animals whereas Pete takes care of the backyard. Pete also enters Lucky into the local horse race and wins, which delights Doug and Gray . Kai proposes to Karen and invites Pete to their wedding, and Karen decides to remain in Mineral Town.

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